UMS20 - Long Tap

Serial Name: GPD ANTIQUE Series
Surface : Bronze



Product Specification

  • Manual gasket
  • Rosette diameter ø70 mm
  • Length of outlet is 130 mm
  • Tap - wall connection size 1/2”
  • Ideal working pressure is 3-4 bar
  • Speacial surface plating, in form of antique




Product Details


Warranty period starts from the delivery date and it is as mentioned below
The product is under the scope of our company’s guarantee inclusive of all parts of the product.
When the product breaks down during the warranty period, the time spent for the repairing of the product is added to the warranty period.
The repairing of the product is 20 days maksimum. This period starts when the malfunction of the product is informed to the service station, in case there is not any service station available, then it starts from the notification date to either one of the selling agent, dealer, agency, representative, importer or to the manufacturer - producer of the product. The consumer can make breakdown reporting; by telephone, fax, e-mail, registered and reply paid letter or quai ways. In case of any dispute, obligation of prof belongs to the consumer.
In case the malfunction of the product could not be repaired within 10 days, then the manufacturer-producer or the importer of the product is obliged to provide another product with similar features to the consumer until the faulty product is repaired.
Despite the consumer's right to repair, the goods;

When the product breaks down due to material and labour or due to assembly faults within the guarantee period, the product will be repaired without applying any charge for labour costs, cots of the part changed or for any reason.
*Exceeding the maximum time required for repair,
Although the consumer uses repair rights, if the product break down twice in one year due to the same fault or different malfunction takes place more than four times within a year, with the condition that these take place within the guarantee period from the date product is delivered to the consumer or total of different break downs exceeds six times within the guarantee period and provided that the non use of product becomes continuonus and the maximum time limit for repairs is exceeded, then the following can be requested; consumer can request for exchange of the product free of charge, request for refund of the amount, reduction in the amount in relation to the failure when it is determined that the malfunction can not be repaired with a report that is prepared by the service station related to the product, in case there is not any service station available, by either one of the selling agent, dealer, agency, representative, importer or to the manufacturer - producer of the product.
• Malın kullanma kılavuzunda yer alan hususlara aykırı kullanılmasından kaynaklanan arızalar garanti kapsamındadır.
When there is any conflict eith regards to the guarantee certificate, application can be made to the Protection of the Consumer and Competition General Directory.


Faucet and manually operated (with Cartridge / Gasket): 12(Twelve) Years
WISER-Q Su ve Sabunluk Fotoselli Lavabo Bataryası (FLB09, FLB09-2): 2 (İki) Yıl
Parts: 2 (Two) years
Thermostat Controlled (Thermostatic) Batteries: 5 (Five) years
Valves: 5 (Five) years
Shower Systems: 5 (Five) years
GPDantik: 2 (Two) years
PVD Gold, PVD Rose Gold, Black, Granite and Copper Oxide Coating: 2 (Two) Years
Plastic products: 5 (Five) years

Cases Out of Warranty

Problems arising from use contrary to the assembly and user manual.
Defects caused by incorrect installation or faulty installation of the consumer other than the authorized service.
Problems that may occur in installations without pressure control. (Installations without water pressure regulator or booster booster) *Ideal Installation Pressure Range: 3–4 Bar
Sand mud, flax etc. malfunctions caused by construction debris.
Damages that may occur as a result of falling and impact during loading, transportation, unloading and assembly.
Defects that may occur on the surfaces of products remaining in construction areas for a long time.
Malfunctions caused by incorrect and harsh use.
Problems caused by calcification.
Deformations caused by the use of acid or abrasive cleaners.
Failures that may be caused by parts used other than original spare parts.
Cracked body, cartridge etc. due to freezing. parts.
Absence of an approved warranty certificate or invoice.
Misuse of products.