The essence of GPD, as employees at all levels of the organization;

  • Within the framework of customer satisfaction; To meet the demands and needs of our customers above expectations with a customer-oriented perspective,
  • To maximize the knowledge and skill level of us and our business partners by establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers,
  • To maintain our trust and prestige, which we have established in the current market conditions, by constantly improving our performance,
  • To produce in accordance with national and international standards within the scope of legal regulations,
  • Increasing our domestic and international market share by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the existing system with our process approaches,
  • Leaving a clean and livable environment for future generations by ensuring the elimination and prevention of nonconformities, preventing the waste of natural resources, applying occupational safety measures to the maximum extent,
  • Our quality policy is to bring our company to a leading position in quality, competitiveness and profitability.